Wonder Not! Bread Festival, September 20, 2015

The Twelfth Annual Wonder Not! Bread Festival is happening Sunday, September 20, 11am-5pm at Hungry Ghost Bread.

Come celebrate our daily dose of local grain, the bounty of this past year’s harvest, and the planting of Equinox seeds.

Wonder Not! Long ago transcended plastic-wrapped balloon” bread… now we’re aiming to demystify the Safe & Affordable Food Labeling Act: is it really “SAFE”?
-Not! This is a lobby-led, industry-written bill designed to pre-empt actual & accurate GMO identification in our food.

Wonder Not! Is about knowing what’s really in your food & who grows & prepares it:
Come meet the L’Etoile Family from Four Star Farms in Northfield who grow & mill all our local wheat, rye, spelt & corn flours.

Other vendors will include:

Red Fire Farm (veggies), Grace Hill Cheese, Sage Farm (pork & flowers), Cranston Tree Farm (maple syrup), Devon’s Jams,
Wheelhouse Food Truck, New City Brewery & Ellie’s Oils.

Live music all day from strumming bakers & their friends: Snakepriest, Great Smokey & Trevor Healy.

This is a free event and everyone is welcome!