Re-Building in the Battery

a year and a half since the
buildings fell
and here we are re-building the
whole thing (in 10 minutes or less)
inside a jazz club in Boston. Not a
model, but the real thing: Gaudi’s
original structure, planned before
the twin towers and formed here,
in sound… Charles, who was playing
the Blue Note on 9/11, is now the foreman
with his hard-hat beret, and his
tenor hammer. The drummer (Billy Hart)
and the bassist are in the
basement, the rhythmic foundation of
this concrete miracle. Piano chords,
laid one on top of the other up to the
clouds, holding sheets of glass that the
guitar puts gently into place. Tiptoeing
up the scaffold, out on a girder like a Mohawk
kid with a toolbelt of reeds, Lloyd has reached into this
piece of skyline just to wipe it