Community Garden Project


We are very excited to announce the launch of a community gardening and landscaping project that’s going to be created by the Hungry Ghost crew, our friends at Local Harmony, and YOU!


The area in front of the Hungry Ghost Bakery presently covered by lawn will soon be transformed into a beautiful garden filled exclusively with edible and medicinal plants. This garden will be usable by everyone; a ramp providing wheelchair access is central to the design. Elements in this garden will also include beautiful plants, a dry stream bed, and Goshen stone benches that fit into the landscape, making it an inviting and enriching space.

Much of this garden will be installed by volunteers. Plants and materials will be provided at cost by Local Harmony. All funding will be raised from within the immediate community.


he Edible and Medicinal Garden at the Hungry Ghost is made possible only with strong community support. We invite you to help make it happen! This spring marks the beginning of a fundraising campaign. Smith College has already generously committed $7500; an additional $15,000 is required to fully cover material and professional costs. Your financial support will make this beautiful educational garden possible.  And if we’re able to get some of the materials – like the stone – donated or discounted, the overall amount we have to raise will go down!

When installation of the garden commences, free workshops will be provided in conjunction with volunteer work days.  Owen Wormser of Abound Design will describe the strategies and choices behind the design and installation.  Chris Marano of Clearpath Herbals will discuss the relevance and significance of the medicinal plants that are central to this garden’s design. These workshops are open to the public and dates will be announced once fundraising is complete.